Rose Water: Keep Your Day Job Part II

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Game Description: As you emerge from the hills on the mountain pass that you have been on for several days, the setting sun almost doubles in brightness. You squint just a little to allow your eyes to adjust to the light, and then you see it: Rose Water, the River City, the home of opportunity, riches, and adventure, and your destination. It rises up on the riverfront, a city larger than you’ve ever seen! (Well, it’s the only city that you’ve ever seen, but it is a rather large city all the same.)

The cream colored walls contrast with the green plains around it. Even from this distance you can tell they are huge, maybe 80 ft. tall. You can see the roofs and spires of buildings peek over the level of the walls in the distance, but other than that all you know about what lies beyond is from myths and stories. Very seldom, have people returned from Rose Water to your home town; not because of anything sinister or diabolical but because Rose Water has so much more to offer than your little village. And that is why you have come: You’ve heard about the plethora of opportunities: adventure, social mobility, and work.

Your village Hoppers Pass has had a rough year of it. Very few mines were remotely successful this season, and when the mines are failing, so is every other aspect of the towns miniscule economy, so when the chance came for you to go elsewhere, you took it, maybe with some regret, maybe leaving family behind, and maybe promising to return later. You and your group of friends left weeks ago and have finally reached your destination…
Well not yet. The sun is setting and the gates close at sunset. There’s no way to make it there before then, so you’ll have to stay the night at the Hillside Inn just outside the city. Tomorrow, however, the city awaits you!

The game itself: This game is already in progress, but I am looking to expand the city and its experiences. I am looking for 4-6 players who are patient, and who like to have light-hearted role-playing fun, who would like to come into town together as friends and aquaintances. There will be opportunities to wander off by yourself, or to participate in adventures with other characters.

Character creation:In the forum describe your character physical appearance and personality, his or her background (including Hoppers Pass), his or her motivation for leaving Hoppers Pass and going to Rose Water, and any goals you may have for your character.

Character Generation:
Starting at Level one.
4d6 drop the lowest
HP full + CON modifier at level 1. Rolling for HP or ˝ for every level after (whichever is higher).
Core (PHB) races and classes only. (As we progress, I may allow other sources for multi-classing and prestige classes, but I want to keep it simple for now.)
Maximum Standard wealth per class.

House Rules: I like the idea of skill challenges from 4e, so I will be incorporating that in the story-line. Also, I am giving 2 bonus skill points at level 1 to be used for Profession only. You can be creative with that profession if you like, but you will be looking for a “day job” in the city, so some sort of work experience will be needed.

Game description: The setting is primarily the city of Rose Water, a river-side metropolis (of my own creation) that has been the sight of many battles between the forces of good and evil. You will be playing characters that have left their home in Hoppers Pass for whatever reason, and who wish to enter the city of Rose Water. Rose Water has a myriad of opportunities for adventure, but it’s important that you have a job. They don’t like outsiders coming in and leeching off of their society.

The original party is from Deglins Gap. Your party will be from Hoppers Pass. Pretty much everything else will be the same.

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