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Threshold! The northernmost town in the Duchy - and your last stop before your adventures begin. Threshold, the gateway to mysterious castles, lost temples, deadly caves, and caverns. You have heard the stories and you wish to see for yourself.

This product provides a complete campaign adventure that will take beginning characters from first all the way to third level and possibly beyond, drawn from the first nine modules of the B-series adventures.

-"In Search of Adventure," Dungeons & Dragons Super-Module B1-9, TSR, Inc., 1987 (Back Cover)

I humbly propose to host a campaign that begins with this classic compilation of some of Dungeons & Dragons' oldest and most revered adventures. Should things work well, we can certainly continue from there in the future.

We will run this campaign with Frank Mentzer’s 1983 revision of Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game Basic Set. This is the “red box” edition best recognized by Larry Elmore’s cover art depicting a swordsman in combat with a red dragon. The Basic Set provides information for characters and campaigns from levels one through three.

If you don’t have access to this edition, that’s fine. Any version of “classic” (non-advanced) Dungeons & Dragons will do. Failing that, some folks have been generous enough to assemble a game called “Dark Dungeons,” which can be downloaded for free here.Dark Dungeons purports to be a “clone” of TSR’s 1991 publication “Dungeons & Dragons’ Rules Cyclopedia.”

Join me, Sam Crow, and I will be your faithful Dungeon Master.

Together, we will journey back through time to those heady days when the world's greatest fantasy role-playing game was in its youth, unadulterated by the impurities that seem to so closely follow successful business and market machinery...

To the days when fighters flashed steel and dragons flashed fire...

To the days when every turn in a dungeon hall or twist in a forest path was the work of a furious, loving imagination to be shared with friends around a table laden with memories that could last an eternity...

To the days when dwarf, elf, cleric, Halfling, and thief alike set out together...

In Search of Adventure!

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