Across the Planar Sea

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A planar skyship taking an important voyage. A powerful council of clerics and mages alike paying for the expenses. Numerous planes of adventure, intrigue, riches...and possibly death. A cargo so precious and secretive that even the Abyssal hordes among other powers of the planes, will make a play for it's possession.

But the bulletin left that last part out.

What it did say was the following:
"Wanted: On Board escorts needed for a planar voyage of severe importance. Gear to be provided if determined necessary. Portion of full wages up front upon signing on employment contract. Ship leaves in two days. Report to the Council of Brass for contract signing, negotiation of payment, request of additional gear, and traveling papers."

The Council of Brass. A gathering of some of the most powerful and influential clerics and mages alike. Powerful, influential...and VERY deep pockets. Enough to make any would be adventurers' mouth water.

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