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The world of Kavar'Rin, it long has been a place that no one has been able to bring into their fold. A pacifist world it holds nothing that would stop a military willing to exploit it. However it has a trade route with Alderran, and has been in contact with the Alde House for many years. That is until recently. The thought defeated Sith Empire has sent a fleet to Kavar'Rin, and agents of the Republic have reported this to Coruscant. A fleet has been dispatched to intercept the Sith Fleet, but they were hastily readied and now await a group that brings the last of their supplies.

A Jedi with that group however has had a terrible vision, a deadly weapon will arrive in the Outer Rim, and its power will bring darkness and chaos to the galaxy. Its name is the Sunderer of Stars.

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