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This is a game where you play a band of warriors fighting against evil, but with a the twist that you will be "unlikely heroes", something I hope you will reflect in your background

Now, before getting to setting, the character creation and so on, there are a few important things to mention:
1. Humans are the only playable race in the game
2. The setting has only one available god to worship, Svarog. All others are devils (not considered. Are!)
3. I always gm in a grey morality, not a black and white. This means that you will have to make moral judgements, it will not be clear cut. I'm particularly fond of paladins that will try to remain good in a grey morality world (good is prioritized above law)
4. No psionics

This are the limitations:
lvl 10, 50 point buy, no stats above 18 at first lvl, excluding racial bonuses
half hp each lvl
only tier 3 or lower characters. tier system: link
wealth by lvl
no psionics or tome of battle
The groups purpose will be good aligned, but you can be neutral or evil as long as you have a strong motivation to follow the group and aid it and its causes
Players handbook 1 & 3
All Complete books are ok
Unearthed Arcana
Book of Vile Deeds, Book of Exalted Deeds
Libris Mortis
Fiendish Codex 1 & 2

Request anything else, but no books bringing in new mechanics, like Tome of Battle / Tome of Magic / Complete Psionics

Final character submission: link
Setting information: link

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