Ultramarines: To War

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  • Created Feb 7 '12
  • Last Post Apr 17 '12 at 5:21am
  • Status Complete
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description


After many years, the Ultramarines have once again built up their ranks to full battle readiness and have set course to aid their Brothers in the war at the Jericho Reach, leaving behind only a small contingency to keep watch over the Realm of Ultramar. For months all has been well, the Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter have gone about their daily duties while waiting for word from their Brothers at war; seeing to the many worlds that make up their domain, ensuring that their Planetary Defence Forces are ready should battle come, tithing their planets as determined by the Imperium. But with all things, change is about to come to them. A single message reaches the Ultramarines at the Fortress of Hera, a request for assistance from the Adeptus Astartes when a scouting party on the nearby Agri World Iax goes missing with one word in particular standing out amongst their transmission; Tyranid. With so many of their number engaged in duties elsewhere and the source of the information unverified, the Ultramarines dispatch a Kill Team to investigate the claims of Tyranid incursion and to repel them while reinforcements are mustered should the worst be true...

This is a Deathwatch game using the Ultramarines (and some Successor Chapters) as the only playable Chapter, starting at Rank 4 and ending at Rank... who knows? The game involves an attempt to stop a Tyranid Incursion in the Realm of Ultramar by those few Marines the Ultramarines left behind.

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