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It was supposed to be a time of peace and tranquility. My master, my friend, had purged Terrus of the mind flayer threat in his own lifetime. He had sired children that I had in turn looked after, and vanished from the world...the greatest Sorceror since Holy Ashra, thousands of years before. I had become an Archmage in my own right, beholden to no guild, but loyal to the principles of magic. Using my knowledge and experience, I searched for the Sorcerors of the world and gave them guidance. As my master Marik had done for Trevor Geldis, I became the teacher of Sorcerors. I showed them to master their powers, to overcome the imbalances, the madness.

I could not have predicted the dark course that the continent of Ashra would take, and that was my greatest mistake. Slowly, only as whispers at first, Sorcerors began to vanish from the world. Too late did I realize my brother wizards were hunting them down...exterminating them. When they made their campaign public, telling the world that the "Plague of Sorcery" would finally be expunged, I too, went public.

I am Morris Redtail, the familiar of the long-dead Marik O. Brynn. I am the exiled Archmage. And you, you precious few Sorcerors I was able to save, are now members of the Redtail League. You must fight to save your kind. You must fight to survive. Here on the floating mist-shrouded island above the planar gateway of Nessene Island, there is some semblance of peace. I have given all I can to keep it so.

The world is yours to save.

-Morris Redtail, 662 N.E.

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