Children of Fate

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  • Created Feb 10 '12
  • Last Post Jun 2 '12 at 2:49pm
  • Status Aborted
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Long have the Titan's languished in their prison deep beneath the Underworld, robbed of their freedom for millenia after the Titanomachy. Meanwhile the Gods retreated from the World, gently guiding the human's they once walked among from the heavens, their stories becoming little more than legend. As their blood thinned on Earth the great heroes they gave birth to became nothing more than myths. Yet even as they faded from the memory of man the Gods still walked among them in secret, bearing children. Yet it was not the Gods alone which still wandered the World. The Titanspawn, dark siblings and dangerous rivals to the Gods, lurked in the shadows biding their time. Finally their day has come, man has grown to forget the dangers that once lurked in the darkness and the Gods grow idle in their paradisaical Overworld. With the once vigilant gatekeepers slumbering at their post the Titan's were finally able to escape their prison. For now they join their children in the shadows licking their wounds and marshaling their strength and allies in preparation for a new war.

Yet the Titans are not the only ones who have children and allies to heed the call to battle the Gods have their own Scions. Children of the dalliances between humanity and the Gods, blessed with divine ichor in their veins and the potential to one day ascend to the Overworld as deities in their own right. Like most mortals you were oblivious to the hidden world, concealed by Fate and boiling just beneath the surface, but not anymore. You have been Visited by your divine parent, your birthright revealed, and now it is time for you to take your place among the heroes of myth and legend. A war is brewing on the horizon but for now a tenuous peace settles over the realms. Will you be a benevolent crusader for justice? A sly and self serving trickster? A tireless hunter? Or perhaps you will just be another forgotten footnote in myth and legend.

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