Under the Iron Fist

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The roads are mostly quiet and free of violence on the continent of Tressyl. But being free of violence does not mean things are calm and peaceful. A great injustice colors the vast stretch of land, under the imposing rule of Epylos. Small pockets of rebellion have survived by hiding out, scattered all over, even in parts of other nearby lands, to avoid constant military patrols.
You were just a casualty. Officially speaking. Though you are in the midst of the attack as it's going on, news has already been spread by the capital, Threndan, that your village, Kyrius, has been demolished for rebel activity. This was a complete accident. The rebel leader, Emidiel, was seen passing by your village. He was welcomed with weary arms, yet open none the less. The village elder housed him for a week, and he had left 2 days before the attack, so as to prevent brining trouble to the secluded valley locality. But it was too late. 3 patrols were rounded up in the next village, a half day's journey away, and left for Kyrius with hands already bloodied through their intentions alone. Whoever you were in Kyrius, you have to forget that now, because that life is over and done for. Whatever you plan after your escape, revenge, peace, or grabbing at strands of the lost stability you had, all you can do now is run.

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