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This is a human gladiator matching. I will get into how it is going to work, so everyone is clear. Core races Phb thats it.
No magic wielding classes. Phb/dmg/phbII/Races of/ are the starting core books. You will be trained by a house with gladiator weapons. It will be a daily post site, sometimes when two people are on can post more often.

Your houses that you belong too will give you perks, such as a better weapon or even precasting spells on you to prolong fights. There will be no feats available to be taken for tripping and or grappling people come to see blood not wresters, this isnt ultimate fighter.

If you want to have fun and blood shed, hack and slash your way to champion join up. There will be special matches as well, out of the norm just to make things interesting. So be prepared make your house love there slave. There will be rules for exciting the crowd and bonuses to your popularity for doing it.

It will be fun easy character creation. Hope many come so we have lots of people to clang blades together.

Stat rolls will be 5d6r2v2

Send me a game invite request if your interested.

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