The Last Escape

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 29 '12
  • Last Post Jun 24 '13 at 2:58pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Dresden Files

Game Description

This will be a game run using the Dresden Files RPG system, but not set in the universe of the books.

Character Creation:

Pure Mortal
Refresh: 4
Skill Points: 18
Skill Cap: Great

Don't worry about the City Creation stuff as much, as I'll be looking at character concepts for this game. The city exists, and is overrun with zombies, so it's basically a nightmare. I recommend playing "normal folk" in this game, as it will be more interesting. You can play a military guy if you want, but all you'll do is get to see how big of a body count you rack up as you mow down the zombies. Much better if you look at this as survival horror, and go from there.


You're in the town of Hastings, MN. It's located along the Mississippi River, at lock 5, population about 17,000 and is 30 minutes south of St. Paul. Until January 7th, it was a pretty sleepy town. Strange reports started coming out of some lost hunters stumbling back in to town, bloody and raving. They were brought to the local hospital, and not too long afterwards, all hell broke out.

On January 10th the National Guard set up a quarantine zone around the town, 1 mile outside of the town's last house. There are nothing but empty farming fields, and then the barricade. You've seen tanks, and other heavy machinery there, and have heard stories about people who tried to get out, only to be gunned down with one verbal warning. On January 11th they blew up the two bridges out of town that lead over the river. They also broke the ice, leaving a 60 stretch of icy, slow moving water in January in MN if you felt like trying to swim it (I'd advise against that).

It's now January 14th, a full week after the outbreak occurred and you're surviving. You've managed to hole up on the second story of the local high school, but that's not feeling like a long term, safe situation. At least you know that Hastings was a town with a lot of hunters, so there are guns around, if you can get out of the school and in to the neighborhoods to reload.


It's January in Minnesota, so it's cold, like a warm day is when it hits above zero. It doesn't seem to be slowing the zombies down much, but you can feel it.

There were a lot of hunters in the town, so you're pretty sure that you could find guns easily, if you could get in to the houses, and then out again. Occasionally you'll still hear gun fire from parts of the town, but it's becoming significantly less common.

Notable Locations:

The High School (where you are now)
County Government Building (Hastings was the seat of the county government, there's a pretty good sized complex there)
Wal-Mart (of course)
ConAgra (Bio-chemicals plant located down near the Vermillion Falls)
Middle School (Located in the center of town)
A couple Marinas (South end of town)

Your objective is to live through what's going on and hopefully escape from the city. You're a 4 Refresh Pure Mortal, so you have the 2 "extra" Refresh that you get to spend as a Pure Mortal. Mortal Stunts are allowed, Supernatural ones are not.

Skill adjustments:

When you choose Guns, you get to pick types of guns, up to your bonus in the skill. For instance, you have Guns +3 (Handguns, shotguns, rifles). Some types are - handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles.

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