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  • Created Mar 1 '12
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I changed the system type from 2E to homebrew to reflect the fact that I am modifying quite a lot of the rules, as I restart this game. This will be clarified in the 'System Used' portion of the game description much more thoroughly, though I have not done that yet.

Sixteen Secrets
-A tiefling lullaby by Chris Nichols

Who in Sigil runs the show?
Sixteen secrets that we know...

Anarchists love fire and blade,
Athar spit in the preacher's eye,
They pull down those who've got it made.
While false powers bleed and die.

Bleakers laugh and go insane,
Ciphers act on whim and hunch,
There's no point and life is pain.
Weird and mystic are that bunch.

Dustmen're nought but cold hard death,
Fated count the jinx they make,
Life is so much wasted breath.
Never give if you can take.

Godsmen tumble end o'er end,
Guvners order realms of dreams,
Seeking always to ascend.
Making rules and counting beans.

Hardheads are an ordered lot,
Indeps are a motley crew,
March left, march right, no time for thought.
Bloods and berks and shouters too.

Red Death saw your dirty deed,
Sensates reach to feel it all,
They'll make you pay until you bleed.
True bloods stand, while bubbers fall.

Signers think we're in their head,
Sinkers revel in decay,
But we'll remain when they're all dead.
By entropy we'll pass away.

Xaosmen embrace discord,
Sigil's guarded by She Who Flays,
Random chaos is their word.*
The Lady rules, now and always.

[* Alternatively, "Bow-wow you puce wombat running Bob fence."]

We must take certain liberties in the name of Freedom
- Chancellor Margute, of the Harmonium

Planescape, more then most other campaign settings, is a thinking man's game. It encompasses an infinite amount of infinite planes, which also have borders and occasionally move. It is a game of paradoxes, because 'real' takes on an entirely new meaning. Belief is 'real', and the power of such can, literally, change anything.

It has been coined "Philosopher's with Clubs"... meaning both the factions, and, well, clubs. Because belief is the ultimate power, everyone is trying to convince everyone else they are right... The more they convince the more the are right. Convincing someone with the business end of a club is equally valid, and even more effective at times. Even Powers (Gods) can die by the power of belief (or, more correctly, the lack of such).

This game intends to explore some aspects of those beliefs, how they apply to the self, and elements of destiny or fate. Who are we? Why are we that? I think, therefore I am... or I am therefore I think? If you were to forget yourself, would you become someone new tomorrow? Would the person you were still exist? Is there room for both? Are both valid? Or would one be the 'real' you?

If you could be anything, anyone you wanted to be, would you take the chance? Or would you stick to what's known, what's safe?

What's the worst that can happen?
- Clueless Prime, just before stepping into a portal ... to Avernus

If this all seems a bit heavy, fear not! This is first and foremost a game, though I do hope to make you, the player, think. Role-playing games, to me, are slightly more then 'just' a game. They a shared story experience, a way to put ourselves in another's shoes, to become something more then ourselves. And stories, in a very real sense, are the building blocks of our civilization... It is an important and hefty tradition we carry on, but one that we as humans can't help but do. These games merely direct it. And it is one of the few outlets of today's culture left in which we are allowed and encouraged to think and create.

And since I can't tell you much of the plot (without ruining said plot), I have to put something here...

Back to the game. You, the player, aren't required to know a lot about the setting. It might work out best if you didn't in fact. Your characters will be approaching it all essentially as clueless, and you can learn along with them. Planescape was written for the Second Edition ruleset of AD&D, so I have decided to take a nostalgic trip back and use the HackMaster system for this game. It, essentially, takes the best parts of First and Second Edition, and throws in a few more modern ideas for good measure. Honestly, I've played far more with Second Edition then I ever have with 3.x or 4E, and it's been really fun diving into the old books. I'm hoping the material requires little in the way of conversion, and am more likely to make on-the-fly calls then wade through huge tomes for one hidden clause. In other words, don't let the system intimidate you, let me worry about it.

Oh dear, Was I just peeled, or was that a bob?
- Ochuimon, a newcomer to Sigil

Speaking of me, let me introduce myself. My name is Trae, I've been on Myth-Weavers off and on for years. I found the First Edition books in a local library in the 80's, knowing virtually nothing of D&D, and it's been an ongoing affair since then. My preference is more towards the role end then the roll side, and your far more likely to pull something off if it is interesting, thematic, and progresses the story. I hope to find players with similar sentiments. I also have a very busy life outside MW... Which means I would rather see one quality post ever other day or so, then a single line post 4 times a day. I understand life happens, and hope the same understanding is extended to me. I never really move on to 3.x, most of my experience with the system coming from computer games. When the editions switched and fewer people were playing Second, I simply switched to MUDs. My schedule does not allow for that anymore, and I haven't found myself interested in one since my last regular one died.

The secret to surviving the planes is simple - Stay Home.
- Depresar, a Githyanki

What I can tell you of the game itself... You, along with 5 other beings, find yourself in prison at the opening of the game. None of you have any memory of anything before where you are now. You couldn't honestly answer how long you have been there, or where 'there' is. Your name along with your entire past is also gone in the mists. There is a number sown into the jumpsuit you wear, which will have to serve as a name.

You are free to take any path you like from there. Your character will have a description, but no personality, skills or talents. You will have a limited amount of control over their abilities, to meet requirements for classes (which may also be relaxed, these are special circumstances). Because some classes require certain In Character actions, you all begin as level-0 commoners... But don't worry that wont last long. You have little in the way of equipment (your prisoners).

There will be some macguffin designed to keep the characters together... But each will have their own private/solo thread as well. Bits and pieces of your past may come up, memories may resurface, and previous abilities may become available. I don't believe in beating players over the head with the plot, but there will be an overarching plot-line as you discover it. I may run through a few of the published adventures, or wing some other side-plots. Hopefully the characters will also push their own plots. Each character has it's own unique place in the meta-plot as well. The Planes are big, anything could happen.

There will be a good amount of houserules, mostly applying to the oddity of the characters, though also in other ways as it comes up. I.E., instead of penalizing characters with a LA, I've boosted those without slightly. Don't worry, challenge will not be a problem. The setting will be lower power and grittier then it was published, I've replaced a lot of the 'cheap' magic with a series of masterwork and inferior work items, and a increased the role of herbalism and alchemy. This also serves to help handle one of the oddities of Planescape, where magic waxes and wanes depending on where you are and where it was forged. Houserules will be listed, along with Planescape specific rules and info as it becomes available and/or pertinent.

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