Phoenix: Vancouver

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Game Information
  • Created Mar 1 '12
  • Last Post Sep 28 '17 at 5:55pm
  • Status Running
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

Superhero adventuring in the Fabled Canadas.

This game uses my homebrew superhero expansion pack Phoenix (available here), and I have been running it for two years on the d20 Modern DB. The games tend to start with conventional superhero stories—alien invasion, supervillainous extortion, mutant monsters run amok in the city—and add an ironic twist or two. The game focuses on rescuing bystanders as much as it does defeating villains, and it maintains an active relationship between the heroes, the media that covers them, and the police (who often have to clean up after them). The game is set in Vancouver because that's my hometown.

I ran this game for a couple of years on another forum as a series of "issues," but the site doesn't exist, so issues #1 to #5 are lost (sigh), but on MythWeavers, we are up to issue #10 here. We are currently playing a "one-shot" with omega-level (read: epic) superheroes.

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