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The town of Westford is a hearty town nestled on the west bank of the mighty Delimbiyr river. Until recently the town was under the personal protection of Sir Edwin Paladin of Torm. But upon the mighty champion's death last winter the town has fallen into harsh times. Raviged by the goblins, trolls, giants and bandits when Fugwig and his group of adventurers made their home just ouside of the town they rejoiced. However Fugwig seemed less than enthused in taking a town under his protection. But in exchange for their solidude Fugwig agreed to sponser a group of adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves.

Over the course of a single night flyers found their way to every tavern and guild hall within a fortnight of Westford it's message was simple:

Wanted: Those men and women willing to answer the call to arms. The town of Westford has immediate openings for a group of guardians. No experience is too little. Those chosen will receive a base weekly salary dependant upon services rendered, access to seasoned adventurers and opportunites galor!

To those with the interest and the talent the title of Guardian of Westford awaits.

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