Cybergeneration: The Future Is in Your Hands

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  • Created Mar 7 '12
  • Last Post Sep 3 '13 at 8:28am
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  • System Cyberpunk

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Incoming Transmission from an unknown sourceÖÖÖ

ďIím sure youíve all heard about Cyberpunk, the dark future, the Corporations, the advanced technology, the Cyberware, the Netrunning, the constant fighting and never knowing whether today will be the last, living the life people have probably often thought about for a change of scenery. There are no morals for those people, just the need to live and they'll do any job for the right price and living life to the full with that hard earned cash. The Corporations with their resources started a war on this country all in the name of power; that wasnít the future people wanted so they took those skills of theirs and accepted the declaration of war to fight fire with fire. It was the age of the Revolutionaries against the Corporate menace. But maybe you havenít heard all the details because History is a malleable subject where truth dies with those who hold it and only the victors write the events of History as they wash away the blood of those who fought and died for their beliefs in to the realms of non-existence but I have seen it all and those memories still haunt me to this day.Ē

ďThe Corporations are now fully in charge so welcome to the Incorporated States of America of the year 2027 where the Corporations tell you how to live your lives. Sure, crime rates are down as Corporations clamp down on all trouble makers, which may be a good thing but they are now the dictators that control every aspect of all our lives, which people live without question and obey the machine without thinking. Remember all that rebelling against the Corporations for the good olí American dream, well that dream has been thrown out the window. Where there were once Cyberpunks liviní on the edge taking on the Corporations that threatened their country, their country decided to classify them as fugitives while Cyberware has been made illegal unless youíve been authorised to use it by the state. The power is truly in the hands of the Corporations and they aim to keep the people in their place in this dark future. Donít worry though, all ISA citizens out there are still liviní the same lifestyle as the good olí days, within reason of course, to earn the cash and have the fun in the way that suits them because in the end itís still only about them, like others really matter in this world. Sometimes, things just never change but maybe one day they will but hope is like a fading dream and every day I struggle to hold on to it.Ē

ďThe world of the Cyberpunk isnít exactly your world though. You may have been born in to this world but from your perspective, things arenít quite the same as the Cyberpunks of old. Youíre just kids, you were raised by people with a severe lack of parenting skills who were more concerned with themselves and their lives to give you the attention you need as they work all day to earn cash only to blow it all for a good night out after too. Youíve grown up mainly raising yourselves, being allowed to run free where the streets have become your life and the gangs youíve formed with others like you are your true family. You see things from your own perspective, you live in the world the ISA canít control, you see what the ISA has done to this country, your parents are nothing but zombies obeying the whims of the state. Youíre not like your parents though, theyíve given up on everything and the mantle of the old Cyberpunk has fallen upon you, the new generation who have once again accepted the declaration of war. The Revolution is now in your hands, the future isnít something thatís given to you, itís something you fight for and youíve chosen to fight for a future without the Corporations. That sets the bar high for a kid and you donít have the skills of those old Cyberpunks but you do what you can given the circumstances. I rest my hopes in your hands now but maybe where I can see only darkness you can be the light that shines upon a brighter future for all of us.Ē

ďThen thereís the nanotechnology plague sweeping the nation that effectively mutates kids like yourselves to give them special abilities and the stage is set for the Revolution to take hold on a new frontier. Just a shame that itís only kids that mutate, adults either die or nothing changes and that gives you the edge you need, an edge that no Cyberpunk ever had and thatís what makes you the Cybergeneration and that is why youíre Public Enemy Number 1 to the ISA.Ē

ďWelcome to the frontier, also known as Night City. Not the greatest of places in the country, but then again nowhere in this country seems to be great for anyone unless youíve been brainwashed by the state. Anything can be done in this city for the right price but one thing the state and the Corporations have is the money to buy everything they need in order to hunt you down. Nobody cares, everyone is only concerned with themselves as they are led to believe by the state that everyone could be an enemy and to keep watch as the air is filled with the scent of fear and paranoia created by the state controlled media corporations. To live is simple, but you already know the rules of the game in this place so Iíll leave you with the only words I can offer you. Donít die for the sake of us all.Ē

End of Transmission...........

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