Seeking the Silent God

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In the realm of Wyrmvald, dragons are revered as creatures of legend. Their images adorn the buildings of Stormvale; their deeds are the stuff of fables and bed-time stories; their powers are said to bring about the change of seasons and movements of the spheres.
And yet, for all their influence, the dragons are silent in Wyrmvald, and have been for centuries, perhaps millennia. They have faded into the lore of the people, and few actually believe they exist except for in story. Even the King of Dragons--the mighty Bahamut--has been absent in the world since time immemorial, and is spoken of now as the Silent God in a world where deities actively vie for control of the clergy and speak freely with those who would listen.

But there have been rumblings, rumours of a secret sect of the followers of Bahamut who long to wake the Silent God, and a prophecy of his coming. Most of the common people of the world have better things to think about than the resurgence of dragons--but then, you're not common, are you?

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