The Eternity of Night

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Game Information
  • Created Mar 12 '12
  • Last Post Apr 21 '12 at 11:05am
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

12th Level Mini-Adventure
From the start I envisage this game as a kind of teaser, or precursor to a longer campaign. To that end I plan to start with a mini-adventure - that whist extremely difficult - consists of only twelve encounters. The scenario can stand by itself or become part of a greater story arc - depending on us as a group.

This scenario has your characters - heroes in a world of perpetual twilight - seeking answers to the holy grail of questions 'How do we restore the True Sun?'

Having searched through scrolls in forgotten libraries . . in tomes found at the very bottom of dragons’ hordes . . or on the tattoos on the flesh covering the backs of ancient phase spiders . . the PC's have found the means to construct a key that will reach Alak-Ammur's tomb. When activated - in conjunction with a planar travel spell like plane shift or gate - the PC's will be transported to the sorcerer's resting place.

Here, if they are truly worthy, they may find the answers they seek, for Alak-Ammur's knowledge and power predates most living creatures on Relistan.

Character Creation
Available Sources: PFSRD

Campaign World: Realms of Twilight by Daniel Marshall

Notable Restrictions: Firearms will be - at the very least - very rare

Generating Ability Scores: 1 x 18/1 x 10/4 x 2d4+9 allocated in any order OR you can just take a straight 25 points

I had not planned to allow any re-rolling of Ability Scores because the above method avoids hideous numbers, but if you are unlucky enough to have two 1's come up (in a single 2d4 + 9 roll) then you may re-roll that single 2d4 + 9

Hit Points: Maximum at first and then roll You may re-roll 1's

Starting Funds: 108,000 gp allocated as you wish

Traits: You may take 2 traits

Applications: Go here Applications require a build (but not a completed sheet), a description and a detailed personality - a complex personal history is not required as I cannot expect people to pick up the history, geography and politics of the world in a short time

Mechanics: There is a major difference between the races and creatures of this world and those found on others. All creatures, even humans have learned to see well in the dark. The have evolved as the centuries passed and the True Sun failed to return. This evolution has granted them the equivalent of low-light vision. Those races that would normally possess such a trait can see twice as far in low light areas than they normally could

Even within the deepest recesses of history’s own heart, one cannot find a sorcerer more powerful nor secretive than the man known as Alak-Ammur. His origins lie hidden behind a veil of lies and half-truths so thick that it is useless to even speak of them. Know simply this, that before the dwarves, the elves, and even the mighty dragons, Alak-Ammur grew strong in the ways of arcane lore as easily and quickly as other men took to breathing fresh air.

Few were surprised, even in his own time when Alak-Ammur disappeared mysteriously. Most of his kinsmen and peers assumed that he had died, although in truth he had neither kinsmen nor peers. But assumptions about men like Alak-Ammur are so often wrong that it hardly seems worth relating that they were.

But they were.

The sorcerer left the world of his birth and explored the myriad worlds beyond. He lived thousands more years than his fellows knew, for he never returned to that place he had once called home. When it came time for him to die - when his body could no longer continue to house his spirit - he used his magic to fashion a tomb for himself. But Alak-Ammur’s tomb would be no more a normal crypt than he was a normal man.

True to his nature - and his nature was power, pure and simple - Alak-Ammur crafted for himself a world in which to put his physical form to eternal rest. Not a large world, as world’s go, but truly an entire world as distinct and unreachable from any other world as, well, another world.

If one could find this tomb-world, surely it would hold great secrets, it would solve vast mysteries, and it would make one wealthy and powerful beyond imagining. If such a deed could be done at all - and survived.

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