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  • Created Mar 13 '12
  • Last Post Sep 26 '15 at 10:20am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

IntroductionDid you ever look up at the sky and felt the Earth move below your feet? It's actually moving a lot faster than it seems. Our planet flies through space at hundreds of thousands of miles every second. And here we are, clinging to its surface for dear life. But it isn't only space that flies by, but time as well. As powerful and arrogant as we are, we're also completely helpless in our collision course with the cosmos. One has to wonder what would happen if someone were to simply let go...

This is a story of several people who did just that...

OOC MechanicsGreetings all,

This is my ongoing game of mystery and colossal mayhem, as the players can already tell you. This time rather than detailing the acceptable character traits in the game description, I'm simply putting it up in the ad. I'll happily answer questions from there.

About me:
If you don't already know who I am, I'll happily introduce myself. My gaming experience extends back into the early nineties, role-playing extends to about 8 years ago, and have been play-by-posting for nearly 6 years now. While I know that is nothing by comparison to most of you out there, I have been known to pull off some pretty amazing posts and stunts in days long passed.

About my Co GM:
*To be filled out by him...*

About the game:
The System we're using will be d20 Modern. I intend to involve as many books as I can but currently have only a select number of books at my present disposal. This time for character creation it will depend solely on what I decide to add to the guidelines at the time of posting to find more players. Send me or Felix a PM to plead your case if you wish to use something that isn't in the guideline or from a book that neither of us have. Characters will start at level 4 and utilize a 36 point buy for their abilities. Their character concept will be under scrutiny, but I'm not limiting their profession, if I can avoid an entire troupe of spies, assassins, and brutal mercenaries, I will...

Because there is a necessessity to set your expectations I will let you know things your characters will not possibly ever know, and if you are caught acting on information that your character doesn't know, you will be kicked and spat on! (Not really, I just liked how that sounded.) As the game progresses, you will run into places and people at the edges of my imagination, meaning you will run into FX, Advanced Technology, Aliens, and other Supernatural persons, places, and things. I'll be opening up whole books to encompass this entire adventure.

As for the theme, I'm drawing from a number of inspirations in order of most infulential; Dr. Who, Farscape, Xenosaga, and Lexx (For this one I do intend to toss out anything inappropriate but the story there is otherwise really awesome). The lot of you will be traveling across time and space on a living ship with a mind of its own. And that is about all I feel safe telling you. I do have to keep some surprises up my sleve, after all.

Finally, my intent is for the players to have fun. If I make suggestions for your characters, please take them for what they are. If I'm forced to out right reject your character, please try to understand that it is most likely because I fear you wouldn't have any fun as I struggle valiantly to find things for you to do. That said, I hope this finds a fair amount of interest and further that you all do manage to enjoy this game.

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