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This is an established 3.5e Forgotten Realms game that is looking for 2 or 3 new recruits.

The setting is Cormyr. The city is Suzail. It is nearly two years after The Goblin Wars and Cormyr is on the road to recovery. Of course one must look past the recent minor troubles that our fair country has faced. Things like hordes of orcs and goblins, Royal Magician disappearances, squabbling noble houses, the death of King Azoun IV and that pesky Devil Dragon. Oh, and there is the small fact that the current King, Azoun V, is an infant! Sure his Regent is strong; she is Azoun's daughter afterall. She may even find a way to hold the kingdom together and, incredibly, things are looking better already. Coin clinks aplenty at the docks and markets, taverns do rousing business serving common and noble alike (though not both at the same establishment) and the Purple Dragons patrol the streets keeping all Cormyrians safe! Arabel is rebuilt, the dragon is dead, the hordes dispersed and the strife seems over.

It seems though that the Government still needs help from Adventurers...

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