Stargate Reimagined

Game Description

Game description: Just like the title implies, it will be a re-imagining of the Stargate series (perhaps set in an alternate reality from the TV series we all know and love?).

The players will be service-members, scientists, diplomats, and other professionals assigned to SG teams, spearheading the mission to explore worlds through the Gate, secure allies, research technologies, study culture, and defend our homes from extraterrestrial threats. Expect there to be more aliens than what we've seen on the series.

Note: I may also be borrowing material from other sci-fi series.

We'll be starting at the very beginning of the amazing journeys through the Gate, so don't worry if you haven't seen much of the show.

Number of players: The more the merrier. It'll be about 3-6 per team.

Character Creation Guidelines: (d20 modern system)

* Level 6, gestalt
- Note: add the skill point totals of the 2 classes

* Human

* I'll have sub-threads with campaign-appropriate starting occupations, character classes, feats, skills, equipment, etc, as I plan to include some splatbook options not available in the SRD.

* Rank: gonna figure this out soon, but it shouldn't be a huge issue. If you want to be the highest ranking squadmember of your team, I expect you to take some leadership abilities for your character to justify it (like Charismatic hero stuff).

* Psionics will be available

* Please run your character concept by me, not just so I can greenlight it, but also so I can help you shape it to the campaign

* Don't worry so much about Wealth/equipment (character level 6 = +8 Wealth Bonus), as pretty much everything you need will be provided by the military, and additional gear can be requisitioned. Assume that your character either has a modest dorm-type room within the Cheyenne Mountain or a comfortable house/apartment in nearby Colorado Springs.

* Every PC gets the Personal Firearms Proficiency, Run, and Light Armor Proficiency feats for free, as a result of basic SGC training.

* Some stuff (Xenodiplomat feat, Goa'uld language) won't be available until later in the game.

* If you wish to specialize in a particular weapon (such as a feat that gives you a bonus with any one firearm), let me know, so I help you make it work for your character.

Posting Frequency: Once per two days minimum, once a day preferred

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