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A guild of intrepid adventurers and dedicaded dungeon delvers, tomb robbers, trap specialist, Underground Rangers, and Fighters wishing to test their mettle flock to this guild. The guild is an established guild along the Cargarian Empire and is backed by the Emperor himself. The guild's main purpose is to explore and document uncharted caverns and then report back to the guild once the area has been documented and mapped. Why trust a rumor, or some lousy adventuring party with pretend locksmiths and trap specialist when you can hire the Wasteland Dungeon Delvers to do it for you? Lost a stolen heirloom, or your daughter has been kidnapped and brought to the goblin's lair? No problem we can get back within a week. We even have clerics of Pelor, and other religions to help us on our missions. Each member of the guild has been trained for at least a month on practice dungeons, and other secret Wastelander training methods before they're sent out on real missions. While Rogues tend to be the most common class suited to this type of work, many other classes with the exception of Barbarians, Bards, Druids, and Paladins often find themselves seeking employment with the guild. The guild does reward characters with any and all magic items they find in the dungeons they explore, but the characters do have to give 50% of all coin back to the guild. This is the reason why the guild has no annual payment, upkeep or equipment rental. You need to requisition a new item for a mission, go ahead and get it.

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