Reaper's Rookies

Game Description

The Village of Eastwatch. Once a bustling city, it is now little more than an off-road fief of some hundred people, living fairly peacefully. This relic from the Elf Wars of ages past now is a hub of peace between the two races, as the Druids of Ironwood Forest are known to trade and cooperate with the villagers. This seemingly docile town has a dark spot in its recent past. Who is Thormund, what does he want, and why do the Townspeople tolerate his outbursts? More importantly, what is causing the dark disturbances of the forest, or the creatures seen at night in the woods?
It is here that a band of young adventurers will begin their journey.
Caesar, a quiet elf sorcerer, still finding himself.
Leon, a grumpy mercenary who hides his strong spirit behind a cold demeanor.
Sheshall, a noble and proud Paladin, but young in his duty.
Ryan, a proud and untrusting warrior who wishes to become a knight.
and Damien, a cleric of good will and assertive force.

Each of these will have to learn to trust in their abilities, and that of their fellows to conquer the powerful evils that lie ahead.

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