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  • Created Mar 20 '12
  • Last Post Oct 5 '12 at 12:28am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dresden Files

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Thame's Landing welcomes you to what is regarded as a wonderful place to visit, and one of Alabama’s best. We possess a rich, unique and authentic culture which is admired throughout the world. We are the home of swamps, plantations and of course all kinds of pie. We are a tight community offering local history and experiences for every taste. We want to invite you to come and enjoy the things we know and love. There is nothing we love more than having company for dinner.

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People who tell lies are seldom believed
even when they tell the truth.

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Far, far away, in the deepest south of Alabama, is a small town. It is a normal small town like any other, with only one difference. Some of the people in this town, are different, perhaps sometimes not noticeably so. They who go about life unawares wont notice them, and that's the way they like it. Not only the oblivious are caught unawares but also to those who despite having made compelling advances in science and technology are nonetheless oblivious to the monsters living with and around them as well.

Thame's Landing is a town that lays in a state of constant entropy. Settled in a swampy marshland countryside, a swarming horde gathers in the darkness. It lays waiting for those clueless townsfolk who wander in the dark searching for excitement, and are completely unaware of what is truly out there. Maybe there are some in town who can see the monsters, and know they exist. But, somehow they have been kept or keep this quiet from the majority of people. Maybe they think those who see things are crazy, or perhaps some may subconsciously just shut out 'The Sight', with their minds, or maybe they are just unable or not strong enough to comprehend or do much else to deal with it. No matter their reasons are, What are yours?

Will you uncover what waits for you in the darkness, or let the darkness find you?

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