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You, for various reasons, have all traversed upon the great trade highway that is most commonly used by all walks of life. Many have met bandits on this route, but the patrolling guards keep that mostly in check. This is a commonplace road in a temperate climate in an all-too common land. On this route, there is a rest stop of sorts. This is the village of Gathendril, no more than your basic highway village. They have an Inn for travelers, a blacksmith for general use, a few ranches, a general store, a great mill, a lumber yard, and even a tiny chapel for you to pray to your most favored deities. One thing that does stand out about it's town is the horse ranch. They breed mighty fine beasts of burden in this town, not noble-quality, but reliable enough for the common-place man. The economy has been good to them, and the villagers, happy. This is a glorious place to raise children, and a relaxing stop for traveling merchants. You have taken this long-stretched road for too long, and you must rest. You may even stay for a few days, many villagers open their homes to the public for nothing but some help around their farms or a good bit of news from the main cities. A very nice place indeed, but will it survive? That is up to you.

I am running this 3.5 campaign over PbP for most of the game, but chat for larger battles. You start in the town mentioned in the above description, and then the fun begins. You must survive this ordeal, and perhaps bring some villagers around with you. Here is the character creation:

You begin at Level 3.
36 pointbuy.
Full HP at the first level, Average after that.
2700gp (Standard WBL)

This is a game of allies. Many NPCs will join and leave you depending on your actions. You may make yourselves the messiah of this town, or infamous villains.
This is also a game of survival. If you do not think as well as fight efficiently, you will surely perish. There is more than one way to skin a PC ;)

I will be taking 4 players, no more, no less, and I will not budge on that.

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