The Four Corners

Game Description

Streetfighter: The Four Corners will be a mix of PVE and PVP game play. There will be many challenging events during the game so a well rounded fighter is best.

The is a system based off a fighting game and we will use that logic.

I am recruiting for 6 pc's to add to the two staple leaders I already have for a total of 8 players divided into two teams of four.

Material/books allowed

I will be allowing all offical books printed by White Wolf and resources from the following website

All characters will be built up from a bottom up manner. Build yourself as a starting fighter and then add 410 points in experience to yourself.

You are rank 8 and can be from any division except World Warrior. That is the division you are trying to obtain.

All character sheets should be set to private, you don't want to give a potential competitor an edge.
After I have accepted all the applications that I need, I will divide you into your teams.

All applications must have a character picture to accompany your visual description as well as the style you are using, victory pose, statement when you have won a match and something you say/do just before the ringing of the bell to start a match. For example, Ryu tugs his gloves on tight and makes sure his headband is tied securely on his head before a match starts.

Weapons-I have no issues with character concepts that include weapons (Vega for example, has one) but no guns are allowed for pc's. You are fighters and its not in your makeup or true to the spirit of the fighting game genre (yes their are exceptions but the answer is still no) we are in.

Background-These are pretty wide open and will be discussed on a case by case basis. Please think true to the spirit of the genre. The only exception is that no PC will have in their background that they have fought and defeated a World Warrior division holder (which includes, but is not limited to any character that has been in any street fighter game series).

The drive to obtain this Division ranking will be the overall drive for the PC's. You are warriors after all and want to be one of the best.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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