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It is a time of war in the galaxy as four factions rage war with each other.

The first is the Purists of the Force is a Jedi run entity in the form of Plato's Republic. Jedi Masters are the ruling class with one or two non-Jedi who have shown great leadership and Ingenuity. The Militia Class is formed mainly with Jedi knights squads of 3 heavily trained soldiers and these squads form both their military and their police force. The working class is formed from the rest of the people and much like a typical capitalistic economy. The Purist of the force are trying gain peace for all, keep the old traditions, and follow the teachings of the light side.

The second is the Evolutionists of the Force which was formed by Darth Myria who defected from the Jedi. she formed an empire based on Sith teaching she found in an old artifact. Her empire is now lead by her and the four most powerful Sith. The culture for the Sith Empire is very Darwinistic. The general feel is to be the strongest while stomping on all weaker than you. Currently they are united in goal to kill all non-force sensitive intelligence, so that Evolution can continue forward. They are at war to destroy all those who stand in the way of evolution.

The Third group is the Vitian Empire which was formed when a group of Sith decided that they couldn't slaughter thousands of innocents just because they weren't force sensitive. They formed a new school of learning for the Force, the Vita. Through study of both sides of the force they have begun figuring out a process to unlock the force in all intelligence even in droids. The Empire is lead by the 13 most accomplished Vita and the current head of the council is V1-T4 the first droid they were able to give the force to. They fight to bring every to the next level evolution and lessen the disparity between the weak and powerful.

The last group is the Common Man's Revolution a group formed by the oppressed masses of droids and non-force sensitives. They are an extremely socialist group that are tired of force users forcing their will upon them be it keeping them down, killing them, or forcing something they don't want on them. They use excessive amounts of technology to put themselves on an equal playing field as force users. Their military is all droids and cyborgs lead by the best tactician and assassin the galaxy has seen HK-47. The CMR fights to defeat and destroy all force users and their teachings, and to make everyone equal.

You are a mercenary that lives on the neutral planet of Courasant who has recently been hired and you are on your way to get briefed.

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