The Elder Ones Never Sleep

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  • Created Apr 12 '12
  • Last Post May 28 '12 at 8:52pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Call of Cthulhu

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1994 Timeline LINK

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Game Synopsis
April 22, 1994
Boston, MA
One of the investigators will receive an official letter from the Boston law firm of Goldstein, Hansen, and Wabiski. The letter, which is written in legal jargon, will inform the investigator that the firm is acting on instructions from a distant relative named Vincent Carver, who passed on approximately a year ago, of the investigator. The letter details that the investigator is to receive ownership of one half of a small island off the coast of Maine as well as one half of the house located on the island (half the house is located on the land the investigator is to inherit). The property is fully paid up and comes with a sum of money allocated solely to pay the property taxes for approximately three years (the amount of time the sum will cover depends on whether the tax rates stay the same or not). The letter also mentions that there are two stipulations in the will. The first is that the property may not be sold without the consent of the owner of the other half of the property. The second is that the investigator must spend a week on the island, doing repairs on the house and maintaining the grounds. After that the title will pass to the investigator.

He/She then decided to check on the law firm, he/she will learn that it is very reputable and has been around for a considerable length of time. If the investigator inquires about who owns the other half of the property, he/she will learn that a distant cousin, Janet Brisby has been named as the inheritor. The lawyer will say that Mrs. Brisby has been sent a letter similar to that the investigator received and that Ms. Brisby and her family will be staying on the island for the required week. The law firm has been instructed to provide (via money left by the relative) transportation for the two parties to the island. The Brisbys will be flown in from Pennsylvania to Portland, Maine. The investigator and up to three companions will be flown (free of charge) to Portland, should they need transportation. Once in Portland, the Brisbys and the investigators will be taken to the island by charter boat. The boat is fairly large and can carry the investigators’ gear. However, it is not a ferry and cannot transport any vehicle larger than a bicycle.

The investigators will have one week to prepare for their journey. Then their plane leaves.

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