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  • Created Apr 15 '12
  • Last Post Jun 26 '12 at 7:15pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

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Two thousand years ago the world flourished with magic. The people prospered and the Sentinels, a group of wizards and clerics who used their magic to scour the world for wrongdoers, kept the world safe.
However all that changed one fateful day. A naughty child stole some candy from a traveling merchant.. The eyes of one of the Sentinels turned towards him and remained fixated as the child shoved a handful of sweet treats into his belt pouch. At the same moment, a wizard tucked away deep in the highest peaks completed a spell. A spell that marked his doom and that of much of the world.
The spell sputtered and sparked before erupting in a scintillating light. It leaped in arcs like millions of lighting bolts from every strand of magic to the next. It grew, quicker and quicker, with each new arc sprouting three more. The wizard was overtaken before he knew what was happening, and in only a matter of minutes it spread and washed over the capital. The eyes of the Sentinel were still focused on the child when the wave washed over the capital. The last thing he saw was the boy popping one of the sweat treats into his mouth and wandering into a crowd.

This is a story most everyone has probably heard as children, though variations exist. Some time the wizard is a madman trying to destroy the world, others he is trying to help others. Sometimes the child is performing some other misdeed.

Hello everyone. My name is Skail and I will be DMing this, hopefully, exciting campaign. Let me start off by saying that I am not the most experienced of DMs but I am confident enough in my abilities to give you all a fun and exciting experience. I also would like to say that I hope to run a game that dose not grind to a halt or slowly wither and die. I will be taking measures to ensure a fun and, relatively, smooth flowing game. That being said, onto the game.

I will be running a fairly open world game in a world where magic disappeared overnight 2000 years ago and has slowly been bleeding back into the world. Magic is now a rarity, while most people know what it is, very few have ever seen any actual magic unless they are from a large city. There are no large institutions of magic, those that are trained are most likely trained by hermits and recluses. Magic is something viewed with fear as it is not understood and something not everyone is capable of. While all known major sources of magic were destroyed, it seems that the minor magical races such as gnomes were mostly unaffected, aside from spell casters of the races, and still roam the lands. No one is quite sure why this is.

Recently though, there have been people showing up at large cities, claiming to know the secrets of magic that anyone can use. They have amazed audiences by sending brilliant lights into the sky, summoning thunder, and spewing fire.

Like I said earlier, I will be running a fairly open world campaign. There are some significant events that will be taking place, and you are welcome to take part in them, but it is not expected of you. I also will throw in some things that I do not intend for you to fight and beat, level 1 PCs should not expect to defeat a dragon in open combat, however if you come up with creative solutions to problems I am more than willing to reward your ingenuity.

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