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  • Created Apr 17 '12
  • Last Post Jan 16 '13 at 11:52am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

People have always told stories of monsters and mythical beasts throughout history. Fantastic creatures that would snatch away people to eat. Amazing beasts that could perform magic. And horrible demons that could steal away your soul. These stories were passed down for so many generations that they became legends; and then just myth. They just don't exist.. At least, that's what we say to ourselves so we can sleep at night.

The Spook Squad is an organisation dedicated to eradicating any menace that comes from beyond the veil of human perception. This group knows that monsters still exist, and that they walk among us. These creatures have become so adept that the human mind simply can't realise the truth, so as to save their sanity. But when a creature becomes a threat to humans, the Spook Squad are there to stop them.


This is a game intending to begin with up to 5 players, and then become open to any number. The players will be members of the Spook Squad: a team of humans who hunt and remove supernatural threats. Because they are aware, they also have the ability to tap into supernatural forces to practice magic, of they choose. Each character will begin at level one, and hopefully will move to level 6.


Character Generation is 4d6, discarding the lowest die and re-rolling ones. As a bonus, if you roll three sixes, you can add 1d4 to your stat, making a potential for a max score of 22.

All characters begin with:

Armor Proficiency: Light
+3 Reputation Bonus
+5 Wealth

I am allowing Moonlighting or ambidextrous feats
You must have at least (1) perform skill

And finally, starting characters can choose to trade 5 skill points to get the feat "Personal Firearms Proficiency"

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