Crimson Tides of Aragoss

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Game Information
  • Created Apr 18 '12
  • Last Post Sep 30 '15 at 2:37pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

For the last five days seemingly endless rain has plagued the village of Stone Mill, a sleepy town near the South Western border of the Kingdom of Aragoss. What had initially only been planned as a brief stop to re-supply and seek rest for a time has turned into an unavoidable and dreary stay in this backwater town. With the roads completely flooded, merchants and less experienced travelers have found themselves stuck in doors with nothing to do but hope that the weather clears up soon. To make matters worse even if you did decide to brave the flooded roads, the Mayor has ordered the town gates be locked in response to increased Bandit activity coming out of the Scarred Lands. Rumors also circulate that a powerful host of Barbarians has been massing in the low mountains to the North, their eyes fixed on Stone Mill. With the King and most of his army deep within Threlen territory on a secretive mission, tensions run high, and it seems that the problems that plague the region will go unsolved.

Meanwhile to the west, tensions have been running high in the Kingdom of Threle for months. With the King of Aragoss and the majority of his army so close to Threlen borders without any reason given, the diplomatic scene is abuzz and many nerves are close to fraying. To make matters worse, merchants who ply their trade by land have recently had their caravans come under attack by bandits out of the Scarred Lands. Only recently have matters escalated to an alarming level, as a carriage under armed guard carrying the Threlen Minister of Coin's wife and daughter was attacked. All the guards were killed, and the wife and daughter were presumably kidnapped. With the Threlen Army unable to leave the Capital due to the issues with Aragoss, the Minister has privately recruited and funded a small group to go in and find traces of his missing daughter and wife. You are a member of this group.

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