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Most of Skagos rebelled close to a hundred years ago, they were crushed as soon as they made their first attempts to attack the mainland, their hosts outright destroyed, and driven back to the island, since that day on, they have been subjects of Winterfell. Because of the distance between the North and Skagos, in practice, they rule themselves.

This has worked for many years, but now, times are changing, in the words of House Stark, “Winter is Coming”, and the Skagosi know that when it comes, it is not the northerners to the south the ones that will suffer, but they who are close to the wall and all of its terrors. Raiders and Lords fight bloody battles for control, ravaging the few existent villages, and killing whoever stands in their sight, yet they all set their differences aside when it comes to dealing with a particular house, House Ironhand.

Strangers in a strange land, they are not loved by their neighbors, only by the smallfolk who are under their care, having brought other gods and laws to what has always worked in one way. They have refused to marry to any of the other houses, or joined powers with them. Instead relying on themselves to survive, and that will be their downfall, or so, the other Lords believe.

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