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Drow Rising

Adventures in a world where there have been reports of Drow gaining power and influence...

Against the Underdark Parties - Two groups of PCs have journeyed into the Underdark on dangerous missions to strike at the heart of the Drow.

Pact of Five - One group of PCs has defeated a demonic keep, and has traveled north to Dwarven Lands to fight against a threat from the barren tundra.

Meadowvale - A freeform group of disparate PCs investigates strange doings in a remote town.

Individual Chars - There are a few private thread PCs who may appear in the main games at any time...

About me and my GM philosophies:

My goal is to run a fun, compelling, long term game with dedicated players. Iím more interested in good gameplay than I am with dice rolling. I like games that are gritty, dangerous, nebulous, and challenging. I like players to be uncomfortable most of the time, to be off balance, to have to think for themselves, take nothing for granted, and to feel that there are sinister forces much more powerful than them.

I like to keep things moving. Part of that is my responsibility to make the game compelling enough that you want to read and post often. Part of that is your responsibility to post on schedule, and not let the party lag. The more active and engaged your player is, the more XP you will get. Iíll try hard through public and private posts to keep the game moving at a good pace.

I like to have a common narrative thread, but also use extensive private messaging. Different players may have different goals, different knowledge, and discover things at different rates. I will manage all that for you individually, and itís up to you to decide what to share with the group as a whole.

I spend a lot of time developing plans for NPCs and monsters, and I will play them to the utmost. This means that itís a very dangerous world out there. You WILL encounter things that can easily kill you, and wipe out the entire party. If you are faced with a vastly superior foe, I expect you to have the common sense to run for your life. If you choose to attack, I wonít try to spare you. It should be fairly obvious when you are outclassed.

When it comes to dice rolling, I'll roll some things publicly and some privately. I think it gives away too much information for players to see all dice being rolled, and what results those numbers give.

The AD&D rules are the guidelines that Iíll use for this game, but I reserve the right to change the rules at any time. By signing up for this game, you have to trust that Iíll run the game fairly.

These adventures are loosely guided sandbox. I'll start with a premise or goal, but then itís mostly up to you. I have an idea how things might flow, but Iíll let you take it in whatever direction you want. Just like in real life, I try to put in many shades of gray in terms of what success looks like. Failure would be death, which is always a distinct possibility in 1e.

New players all start as Level One characters
Game System: AD&D 1e only, plus a few house rules
Races allowed: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, Halfling
Classes allowed: Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Magic-User, Cleric, Druid, Thief

House Rules:
6x4d6, put stats wherever you want
I will find ways to reward players with higher CHA, so itís not just a throwaway stat
Max HP at level 1
No psionics
I donít use formal alignments, but no evil characters
Magic Ėusers donít have to memorize specific spells the night before, they can use any spell they know, up to the usual limit per day.

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