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  • Created May 7 '12
  • Last Post Sep 22 '12 at 7:03pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

MissionThe Lanoir House has stood in place since the first settlers arrived in Rinoan. Tall, dark, and forboding, it casts overlong shadows from its place atop a cliff onto the town of Runfel. Townstolk have claimed to hear distant screams emanating from the House and children dare each other to brave its walls to prove their courage. Most settle for passing through the gates. Those who go further, stepping into the House itself...never return.

The mayor of Runfel has sent a raven to the capital asking for assistance. Prior, he had hired the services of traveling exorcists to cleanse the grounds but of the three who accepted, two mysteriously disappeared while the third only returned as a babbling lunatic. Of course, where others fail, you succeed.

Welcome...to F.E.A.R.

Enjoy your stay.

OverviewAs part of the nation's Forensic Exploratory Advance Reconnaissance division, your job is to provide detailed analysis of "anomaly zones" prior to the Church sending in their specialized exorcist units. You brave haunted mansions, crazed cults to long dead gods, and everything else that parents use to scare their children at night.

Of course, the Church does not want its secrets revealed, especially those involving threats to the kingdom. Do your job well and you might never get your name in the papers. Do poorly and death is the least of your worries. Through your efforts, the tide of evil will be held back another day. Too bad you won't sleep well at night ever again.

Character Applications
I will need the standard basics as well as a background including what brought you to
Enlistment is similar to any military organization. This is just smaller and has more suicidal volunteers. Some are convicts who have opted for probably death over certain.

Note: For obvious reasons, the organization has a fantastic life insurance plan.
join FEAR division. Also a writing sample that describes your first encounter with the supernatural.
  • 25 point buy. You are the cream of the crop of the expendable newbies.
  • Starting level and wealth: standard 1st level.
  • Races: Core.
  • Classes: Core and Advanced. Gunslingers are allowed.
  • Alighnment: Any. I even welcome evil characters. But you must be considerate of your teammates. Your self-preservation will rely on them. Of course, be aware that if a situation calls for a sacrifice in order for the rest to survive, c'est la vie.

  • Be prepared that you may die in this campaign. Possibly a lot, depending on your actions.
  • Ingenuity trumps combat. Most enemies won't be defeated by the blade of an axe. I also
    won't allow clerics to exorcise everything in their path.
  • Spellcasters will have an equally hard time as non-spellcasters against the supernatural. Some places you enter will have "wild zones" or even "dead zones." Not everywhere, of course, but the campaign will be more eerie when you can't use your precious detect cantrips anymore.
  • Sometimes things will
    Ghosts possessing you, poison gas, caught in illusions, etc.
    happen to you without the need for rolls on my part. This is to keep with the tone of the game without getting caught up in mechanics. Of course, there won't be any "rocks fall, everyone dies." That's no fun.
  • If you can, try playing this game alone at night with the lights turned off. Obviously, it wonít be as scream-inducing as Amnesia, but Iíll consider it a personal failing if I donít give you the willies.

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