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Band of Bastards
A Marvel Heroic Roleplay Campaign

So you want to be the bad guys for once?

Set in a crossover 'verse with a bunch of other properties (within reason-GM) Band of Bastards is a playthrough of the MHRP starter adventure Breakout, but from the other side of the fence. The PCs are convicts breaking out of the Raft, a maximum-security prison designed solely for superpowered criminals.

Electro, at the behest of unknown forces, causes a massive power disturbance which knocks out the security systems.

After escaping, they'll be able to plan for taking over the world, by subverting or conquering one evil organization at a time...

No prior experience of the system necessary, all you need is a character, a regular posting schedule and a willingness to let the dice roll where they are!


Guidelines for character generation:

  • Use the Random Character Generator PDF to generate your character using the roll tags here on MW.
  • Think of the background and powers for your character based on the results
  • Assign a nemesis for your character (i.e. which superhero got them thrown in the Raft in the first place)

If you aren't happy with your results, consult with me and we'll work something out. MHRP is a pretty open system so anything pretty much goes!

Looking forward to it, everyone.

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