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  • Created May 17 '12
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((Update: 03/14/14 - Hello there - this is an active, ongoing game and for the moment we're full up with 6 peeps. If you have any commentary, questions, whatever, feel free to use the OOC thread at your leisure or PM me - I'm plenty approachable!))

From the Will, Reality is spawned.

Collective belief binds the universe, shapes it into what is perceived. Down through the ages it was hammered into its form, the bonds strengthening with time and population. Once, the supernatural ran rampant, and as enemy in it's chaotic stew, mankind fought it, developed his own brand of order to survive, to make sense of it all. To protect that which he cultured and built. In time the supernatural fled from his wake, left the light for the dark corners...and let humanity be blinded by itself. It hid.

Fighting it, controlling it, at times harnessing it, were the Protectors, the Guardians. Born of exceptional humans and variants, as well as otherworldly allies of multifarious forms, they stood in the vanguard...and then, as the war became secret, adapted to the tactics necessary. Sometimes they were presumed gods, or the Illumined, other times devils and sorcerers...but behind the veil, the strength of Man's resistance endured and watched over it's charge.

When Reason flourished...the veil became stronger, tangible even. Belief and it's innate resistance took form. A veil became The Veil, and pain and death, even, were promised to the enemies of Reason who penetrated it's insubstantial substance.

Time was not kind to The Guardians. The modern age bore poisoned fruit...the supernatural bubbled anew in Mankind's psyche, intensified, and He seemed to reach out...little knowing how too often, what he reached for would less take his hand, and more tear him apart. Yet, day after day...the tension builds. The Veil buckles.

When it seemed the dam would burst, when it could get no worse...Supers blossomed. Not only far more powerful than normal, they pierced The Veil with ease, ignored it. Suddenly, amidst the other madness, a new priority came: contain them. Fortunately...they succeeded. Into the new millennium, they recruited them, even, and the process of finding them and preventing disaster improved. Somehow, the lid remained firmly closed and humanity remained ignorant. Some suggest the Supers made it worse, some suggest it would've been over if not for them. The truth is illusive...

But the day is presumed inevitable, that the lid will fly off, that the supernatural will pour back into the world with a tidal flow, drowning its unprepared inhabitants. But The Guard prepares. Every 'Supe' recruited is another warrior for that day. Meanwhile, they do what they've always done: combat the enemies of Earth, on Earth or otherwise.

At the forefront is the most powerful division of The Guard, composed of its heavy hitters, its most versatile, and largely all it's Supers: UCEPT.

Into the deepest dark, they carry the banner...


This is a cinematic supers game aiming for a general 'serial' pattern, like a comic or TV show in a fantastical setting where belief is reality and the supernatural is lurking beyond the perceptions of mundane humanity, often with hostile intent. PCs take the role of super-powered teen UCEPT (Ultraterrestrial Crisis Evaluation, Prevention and Termination) Cadets (often 'agents' in general are called Ultraceptors) who are just taking their first steps out of their pure Academy training, being exceptional and trusted (to varying degrees) enough to be given their first 'field' assignment. Every Cadet knows this is nebulously off-world, though UCEPT in general operates on both Earth and other planes (dimensions). Environments, in any case, are like to be varied!


Fun, of course, being central here which the cinematic options will hopefully assist with. The optional rules and add-ons and many custom and house rules are extensive with the idea of simulating comics and movies or some bastardized facsimile thereof, within the backdrop of the adaptable GURPS system. Or, in other words, be awesome superheroes who do awesome stuff very specifically.

Complexity and depth Emblematic of comics in my opinion is character feature and dramatic challenge, as apposed to the standard objectives challenges let me be honest and say, if all we're doing is assaulting 'Baddie Stronghold #diceroll 1-10' for the 5th time or such, I'm not interested as a player or GM. Moreover, simple roleplay and character simulation is important too, in the stew and balance of entertainment. In short, I like depth and look for things to tie in and connect the more hooks and doors and abilities and side-stories and ideas I can inflame, have at my disposal from PCs, the better. And yes, all the while we are exploding some aliens and such. Naturally, some of the former takes time to percolate over the course of a campaign.

Action Naturally, in a supers game, this will happen; naturally, in GURPS, it will have its tactical components, even with a cinematic baseline.

Progression A deliberate campaign design around being 'serial' helps here. Downtime naturally gives more opportunity for growth and character exploration. Of course it will be seasoned in, and eventually there will come times when it isn't as frequent as others. But noteworthy is that characters should probably be designed with capacity for interest (or unwilling participation through ties PC or NPC, like for example, a dependent always getting in trouble) in things other than 'robot now activates for mission'. If engaged on 'character themes', and/or player desires for a character, I can help with this.


Team and individual growth and development. Character exploration in general (this can include the playing out of personal themes). Drama and angst (they're comics-style teens after all!). Learning to be and being heroes. Badassery with powers. And of course, confronting and combating the supernatural on Earth and on other varied dimensions, sometimes as 'cops' vs criminals.


Shoot me a general, general concept first if you don't want to pattern out a full app before checking on something working. I have to see where you're going on some level before you build it in its entirety. Concept first, concept first, concept first. Let it be your skeleton to build around. This is a comics-oriented team game, and I have to preserve the team/role balance. With GURPS it is nigh impossible to do this with rules-oriented limits alone.

Before I say anything else, desired further information is in the campaign forum. There's a bit to the setting since it's custom mainly its the real world with lots of hidden supernatural and a mondo-powerful, supernaturally-powered clandestine global shadow agency that combats these forces and keeps it hidden. Players don't have to know everything, and much is open, but do peruse to get the ideas flowing. Questions? Shoot. We're not going to get in a huge rush.

Characters are generally from Earth, though I may allow an exception. Usually (not absolute!) powers manifested in adolescence, and they were approached shortly before this by 'government' types. How this works differs...The Guard is generally friendly but insistent and does what it has to do. They'll work with someone in order to get them to cooperate, and learn to control their powers. They don't per say 'blackmail' but will throw in things like helping the person's family, including transplanting them entirely so they can be there for their kid (assuming they can handle the change...). They aren't perfect but they usually succeed overall in winning trust, and dole it out in equal measure. What they do do is contain a person if they have to, and by slow process of extremes reprogram them if they deem it fruitful. And they have a very good success ratio.

The campaign centers around New Avalon (this is generally where 'inducted families' go for one thing) basic info is it's a vital central base and dimensional nexus, along with an advanced city underground on The Dark Side of The Moon. It is a technological haven where magics, sciences, and dimensions mix. 'Check All Evil At The Gate,' is a saying etched into the stone archway of the entrance.

The start date is July 28th, 2018, a Saturday. General school starts on August 6th. The (humanish) characters are 17, or possibly 16 (16 is the youngest any go into the field). Their final year would be coming up, though some may have it practically finished. Their summer was spent in grueling Academy 'Team Field Simulation Training' when they were invited to such. Characters have at least been at The Academy a couple of years leading to this, though schooling exists elsewhere as well. Characters at least know each other through the summer, as they are all part of the team training with each other!

Note that part of the reason they are chosen is they are powerful (being a Supe makes them powerful and special), but this early betokens they wanted it too, for whatever reason, on some level. No doubt some found it easier than others, but The Guard has a knack for testing, pushing, challenging their cadets in an individual sense. Their teachers and mentors and programs are extremely potent and customized, though naturally not always seen as 'fair' to the students.

Those who use 'magic' have sparse Academy schooling usually, instead learning at The Merlin School of Thaumaturgy and Varied Spellcraft, where classes are much more informal and don't per say, start and end at any given time, in more control by the student and their guides. 'Common' classes at The Academy are optional aside from UCEPT training, if they go that route.


Most details are in the campaign forum. Much of it is irrelevant directly to character generation, or if related to it, probably to specific concepts. Note there is a 'drama points' type system allowing some success manipulation/ loose player control, not that everyone has to be an ace at what can be done with it off the bat. One thing I will say is you can't get rerolls with it. Take Luck for that.

In any case, again, it isn't necessary to know everything I've written, that goes for system wise as well. Don't be put off/intimidated. A lot is there for my records/sanity. If you have questions, ask I'm not going to be all saucy like 'I wrote that in section 5f already!' I will probably also offer suggestions of my own accord.

In general, using a lot of alternate cinematic rules, not to mention my own. If you're familiar with the rules in Powers for Extra Effort with powers and Stunts, yeah, using them. Take the Will stat and/or HT and/or extra fatigue and/or Energy Reserve (Powers pg. 119) if you have a versatile power, to get the most out of those rules, though not necessary (disclaimer: this likely will also require a Power Skill for the ability, for maximum mileage).

Note also I majorly changed Strength above 20. Basically if you want to play a Super-strong Brick you now can, in GURPS, without the atrocious rules in Supers.

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