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Six weeks have passed since The Lighthouse disappeared -- an eerie black and violet tear in the fabric of spacetime marring the night sky where the Freedom League's orbital headquarters once kept watchful eye on the planet below. If the government knows the origin of The Scar, they're not talking. Nor has there been any official comment regarding the whereabouts of the The Freedom League or if any of its members were off-station when The Scar appeared. And with the Atom Family's focus turned to solving this mystery, the criminal element of Freedom City has grown more brazen and restless.

Freedom City is ripe for the picking, and its only hope is for a new generation of Heroes to emerge in its time of need!

As mentioned above, I'm looking for a small group of players, probably 4 to start -- more later, who are comfortable with the fact that this will be my first go at Mutants and Masterminds. The setting is Freedom City, although players do not necessarily need to be familiar with Freedom to play. It's an amalgamation of elements from several different comic book universes, primarily Marvel and DC (i.e. The Freedom League = The Avengers or The Justice League, The Lighthouse = The Watchtower, The Atom Family = The Fantastic Four, etc). I'll point these out to players unfamiliar with Freedom City as we go.

Applications should include: Name, Background, Personality, What one thing do you love most (that you would put yourself in harm's way for), What one thing do you Hate most (that you would wish to do harm to or irrationally distrust), Complications, Physical Description, and a complete character sheet. I have HeroLab and will use it to create stat blocks for all players.

The deadline for Applications is 8:00pm (Eastern) on Wednesday, May 30th.

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