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In this game you will choose to play either a Goblin or a Kobold! You and your fellow players will have banded together, whether out of need or greed, to go out into the world and make a name for yourselves. Because you are of such a lowly race you will be laughed at, ridiculed, teased, and probably even punched! No one respects Goblins or Kobolds! But you WILL change that!

I have no definate plans for the campaign yet, because I plan on creating the setting for the campaign based on the chosen applications' backgrounds! But in general you will go out into the world as a group and find mischief! There will be treasure, danger, hilarious situations, and even death!

The Rules!
1. You start at level 0, with the base stats for which ever race you are! After the first battle you will get choose your class. This doesn't allow for much diversity at the beginning of the game, so I'll allow players to search out alternate sources for both Goblin and Kobold stats, but I'll need to okay them before they are used.

2. When playing a Kobold, your main sources are the Races of Dragons, Dragon Magic, Draconomicon, and Core Books. You can use other resources, but please okay it with me first. When playing a Goblin, most sources are available because Goblins don't really have their own books. But please okay things with me before using them.

3. Everyone starts with 2d6x10 gold.

4. Everyone starts with one simple weapon and one set of light armor.

5. When classes are gained, multiclassing is fine. But one player can have no more than three base classes and two prestige classes.

6. Variant Goblin/Kobold races are allowed as long as they are from an official WotC source (excluding Dragon Mag) and are LA +0 or +1.

7. Have fun! (More rules may be added, at the moment my brain is fuzzy...)

I will have a stat rolling thread, character application thread, and OOC thread set up in the forum. Please keep any comments in the OOC thread. Only character applications should be in the Character Application thread and only stat rolling should be in the Stat Rolling thread.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer!

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