Castle of the White Prince

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  • Created Jun 2 '12
  • Last Post Jan 8 '15 at 9:16pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

This is a freeform campaign. Four players have taken on the role of characters who set out on an adventure to change their fate and discover the mystery of their past. The setting is "The fortress of the white dragon prince" a mysterious labyrinthine castle created by an ancient shapeshifting prince, and the outlying lands and realm.

The players are trapped in the astral kingdom of this ancient magician prince. He has lived many lifetimes and built his fortress in an inaccessible, inhospitable land. Within and underneath his walls lie many mysteries of his own construction.

The players can't remember how they first came to be entangled in this domain, but they want to find that out, figure out how to escape to the plane of everyday life, and transform themselves. This will require the power and secrets of the dragon prince.

There is no way to escape the world they find themselves in, and the game is centered around the players' actions in and around the castle until they discover how to reconnect with themselves and the outside world.

Players will react to scenarios presented by the GM and other contributors, and also add their own information and discoveries to the world to produce an epic world and story line.

While the opening the game was limited to four players. We are now seeking gamers and artists who have ideas for new PCs. As well as inventive writers who wish to add to the story. Character proposals are welcome.

Please read the setting introduction below to get a picture of the game world. This is the opening scene for the party's story and explains the origin of the existing player characters.

Each player posts approximately once per day. If not then at least 5 times / week. If a player can not post for a day or series of days his PC may be taken over by the GM or replaced temporarily. At certain times new events will be introduced by the GM or players. NPC characters will act according to the GMs designs if and when they are encountered.

If desired, an NPC may end up being taken over by an actual player if there is interest.

The players actions will be resolved by the decision of the GM and by established laws of the universe which the players will help collaborate in creating.

**Link to Setting Description**


As GM I will be devising game events to introduce to the player characters, managing the actions/scipt of the Dragon Prince and other NPCs. I am also one of the four original PCs.

We are looking for new players and content creators.

GMs and writers are much needed for our
collaborative world.

Our game involved four PCs in chapter one,
but we welcome applicants with ideas for new characters.

To join our game,
please familiarize yourself with the setting
and the story so far.

Our game is played on MYTH-WEAVERS:

This is a collaborative project which has potential to become valuable published work if contributors stick with it. I also welcome the idea of using virtual table-top software to play some live sessions when we want to. Also I am an artist and a programmer and would like to contribute concept art / sketches, and maps.

If you are interested please reply here, msg me, or introduce yourself on our forums.

To propose a character use the characters forum.

The adventure started at what you might call "level 0." The characters are basically classless at first. They started with a very simple inventory and skill set. It is up to the player to decide what they will become and what skills they will evolve. Once the story line is developed we may have a more concrete system for categorizing what "classes" are possible in our universe.

We have gotten underway but contact me soon to join in.

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