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Straddling the loftiest reaches of the Balinok Mountains, Barovia is a harsh, rural domain held in the grip of tyranny and superstition. Its landscape is dominated by the Balinoks, in particular by the twin snow-capped peaks of Mounts Baratok and Ghakis. Barovia is ruled by Count Strahd von Zarovich, the most recent despot in an ancient line of feudal tyrants going back centuries. The Devil Strahd, as he is called locally, is a cruel but distant ruler, rarely taking a direct interest in the day-to-day business of his country. He prefers to keep to his home, Castle Ravenloft where he is attended by his servants as he broods. The most valued of his servants are the Maids who take care of their Master and his home, as well as protect it from intruders for Strahd's enemies are many.

You are one of Strahd's valued Maids. More than a mere mortal, Strahd relies on your power and devotion. More than a servant, you are an extension of his will.


What do you take when you run a Maid RPG game in Mutants and Masterminds 3e and set the game in Ravenloft? Well you're about to find out. This will be a quirky and fun game, filled with comedy, action and perhaps even Romance. It will be roleplay heavy and character driven, so be prepared for lots of dialogue. However, there will be monsters to fight, Paladins and Clerics to smite and angry mobs to disperse.

I will be allowing feats from the M+M 2e book Mecha and Manga on a case by case basis (also depending on how easy it is to insert them in a Hero Lab file), and alternate conflicts (Social and Performance) may be used as well. That means berating or entertaining a foe can be just as effective as beating them into a pulp (complete with their own conditions).

The game is set at PL 10. There may not be much in the way of advancement Power Level wise, so awarded power points will likely make your powers more versatile.

I'll be using knockback rules from the 3e Gamemaster's Guide. There will be no cost for equipment or loot, though if you break it you lose it. There will be a thread for House Rules before the game starts.

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