A Song of Skagos

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"A voyage of over a year but we will be rich men when we return." says the captain as the ship departs Lys with a hold of exotic goods to run up the length of Westeros.

The ship was in White Harbor when the red comet appeared in the sky like a smear of blood, burning brightly even in the daylight hours. "A good omen!" says the captain, "There are a few ships heading north and I plan to join them, many can travel together in safety from pirates."

A week later, south of Skagos, the sky turned black and the wind picked up. The ships were tossed about in a storm that lasted all night and the following day. Several of the ships, blown by the same wind, ended up wrecked against the rocky shores of Skagos...

The storm abated in the evening, the darkened sky returning to the reddish glow. "A bad omen." the captain says, surveying the wreckage by the bright glow of the comet as survivors from the four ships gather.

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