Pirates of the Endless Black

Game Description

Pirates of the Endless Black


The year is 2525.

The world as we know it has ended.

Hundreds of years ago a war destroyed the Earth and scattered technology to the four winds.many countries predicted this inevitable outcome and had plans to survive. Tens of thousands fled in massive ships called Arcs. The Arcs passengers were all cryogenically frozen and their pods programmed to wake them when a suitable, life sustaining planet was found. Some were not ready or equipped to handle such a mass exodus. Some left without food, some without history records, some without weapons, some without the most basic technology. Some left overpopulated, some understaffed. Some left with scientists who decided to run genetic experiments on the people onboard in their own attempt to play god. Some left with breaches in their containment fields exposing everyone onboard to radiation while they traveled.

These Arcs spread to the ends of the universe. Some encountered alien races and were enslaved. Some encountered alien races and enslaved them. Some found alien races and were invited to join their federation.

Space worthy ships and those capable of breaking the atmosphere spread though some with minimal tech knowledge simply trade or junk them. People with tech knowledge are rare and are more valuable than good, rum or spices.

Pirates on the other hand are a common sight. Pirates by land, sea, air and space. Most talk and act somewhat like stereotypical pirates from the movies or history with. Arguing amounts of tech available to them.


You're character might have grown up on one of these ships or worlds (depending on where they landed) or they could have been in cryogenic sleep this entire time, waking up only to find that the world has drastically changed.

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