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I have had players drop out for various reasons. I am looking for 2-3 more players.

The Bryer temple of St. Cuthbert has put forth a bounty of 300 gold pieces to up to 6 adventurers to cleanse the old monastary in the nearby village of Hesta.
A fire elemental that formerly heated the country temple has broken free of its magic bindings and threatens surrounding the village below, and potentially others. More, is that a tribe of gnolls has taken up residence within the monastary. The Bryer Council of Mages has put a bounty on the gnolls as well, an additional 400 gp to make the gnolls leave. They are weary that the temple could become a staging point for gnoll raids in the countryside.
700 gp is the total reward for 6 adventurers, should you choose to accept the offers.

Character Name:
Alignment: Any True Neutral up to Lawful Good.
Biography: I'm not picky about length. As long I get an articulate and concise description of who your guy/gal is, I'm happy.
Note: In the Applications thread, please have a link to a character sheet or just have a statblock for the crunchy stuff.

I'm allowing the non-setting-specific books.
Starting level will be 1
Optimize your character, but nothing cheese-a-licious please!
I will allow the Renaissance firearms from the DMG for any class that can use the crossbow.

Final Words
I'm hoping to pull together a long-term party for future adventures as I flesh out the setting. I'm pretty active on the Weave.

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