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Hello everyone and welcome to my very first pbp campaign.

To make things simple to myself, this is an alternative version of a campaign that I'm currently directing with some friends at my place. The main goal is a little experiment of mine, I want to see two different groups of people given the same tasks and situations and their different reactions.

When it comes to the setting, I must admit that the idea came to me while playing Kingdoms of Almadur.

SettingThe world in which you are playing has long abandoned the gods for a force much more direct: Fate.
Oracles from the Order of Fate travel around the world reading what will be to the people, no ruler ever decides whom to fight with or what should they invest in, without first consulting an Oracle.
For some, it way sound dull, but each and every person knows that they can't escape the threads of fate

Your characters will hail from different worlds, so keep in mind that some things may differ from what you expect.
BackgroundEach of you is an accomplished adventurer who dared explore and ancient set of ruins whose magic demanded that one should go alone. After battles and peril, you come to a room full of treasure. Gold and jewelry are spread on the floor, but what piques your interest is a huge diamond of blue color and gold plates on the corners. As you approach the diamond with curiosity it flashes in blue, making it impossible to see, when you recover you sight, everything seems different...

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