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  • Created Jun 15 '12
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Originally Posted by Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn, Cyran Refugee Camp, Breland, Therendor 4th, 994 YK View Post
People of Cyre! Remnants of my dear homeland! I, Oargev, scion of the ir'Wynarn line, son of Mishann, Queen of Cyre, rightful ruler of Galifar, stand before you today, forced by the terrible events of the last weeks to grasp the mantle of leadership years, decades, before it should have been taken from my mother, your Queen.

Yet my pain is nothing compared to yours, remnants of Cyre. I have lost my mother, my wife, my family, in the cruel, inexplicable events of Olarune 20th, and I mourn for them, mourn for them with all my heart. But there are those among who have lost not only parents and spouses, but children. There are those among you who have lost not only family and friends, but entire towns, entire cities. And you mourn for them, we mourn for them, with all our hearts.

But Olarune 20th, this day, this terrible day, this Day of Mourning, did not rob us only of our families, our friends, our dwellings, our livelihoods. It robbed us of our nation. Of Cyre. And compared to this loss, all the other tragedies of this terrible, inexplicable day are as nothing. (No, not inexplicable, I swear to you, for something, someone caused this day, this Day of Mourning, and I, we, shall never rest until that force is brought to justice...)

For on Olarune 19th, in Cyre, people still died, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, daughters and sons. But one fragile, wonderful, shining idea lived on; Cyre lived on, beloved, cherished Cyre. In Eston, in Kalazart, in wonderful, shining Metrol, Cyre lived on, gleaming brightly at the heart of Khorvaire. If the Dragon Above, mighty Siberys himself, were to wake and to look down upon the life-bearing corpse of his sister Eberron, he would not have been able, on Olarune 19th, to tear his gaze away from Cyre, wonderful, shining Cyre, beloved, cherished Cyre, Cyre, the Jewel of Galifar. Now, though--

Full disclosure: this paragraph (but not the rest of the speech) is taken from Five Nations, p. 77.
Weep, oh nations of Khorvaire, for the Jewel of Galifar is no more. You have finally completed what you started when you rejected the true and proper right of Mishann to ascend the throne of Galifar. With your jealousy and petty ambitions, you have brought this disaster on us all! Weep, my brothers and sisters, for our homes and our families have been eliminated in a foul and cowardly way. Do not let Cyre be forgotten! Do not let the Day of Mourning end! Not until we have discovered the villain. Not until we have made the villain face justice for this heinous crime. Not until Cyre’s children are once more safe and content within their homeland. Weep this day, my fellow Cyrans, and never forget. But tomorrow . . . tomorrow we begin to hunt down this villain, to demand justice, and to rebuild beloved, cherished Cyre. Tomorrow! Tomorrow we shall go home!
You were one of the members of the crowd that day, the beaten, bedraggled remnants of once-mighty Cyre. Afterwards, Prince Oargev himself sought you out, invited you to his tent. There, he admitted to you and a few others that he had not been entirely forthcoming in his speech. Not only was the Day of Mourning (as Oargev had called it) not inexplicable, Oargev believed he had found an explanation for it--not, yet, a means or a motive, but a perpetrator, one far too powerful to accuse directly. No, revenging Cyre would not be simple, nor easy, nor quick. But standing in his tent that day, Prince Oargev, along with you and a few others, took a solemn oath: that once a new Cyre rose out of the ashes of the old, you would kindle a pyre of revenge, and let the perpetrator take its place.
PremiseThe game will be structured like a TV series: it will be divided into discrete episodes which combine together to make an overarching goal. After a prologue (the "pilot", tentatively titled "Memories Beyond") of solo threads starting on Olarune 19th, 994 YK establishing how the players arrived at the future site of New Cyre in time for Oargev's speech, first season will cover the period from then up until the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK--episodes will more-or-less alternate between treaty negotiation sessions and more action-based stuff, such as expeditions into the Mournland. Additional seasons will cover similar or longer spans of time--fulfilling the oath of revenge may very well take decades. For the most part, players will act as a team, rather than splitting up--so all PCs will need to be able to handle both social interactions and more physical work, if not actually heavy combat.

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