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The town of Duskfield is a remote little town, several days journey from the nearest settlement. It lies in a hilly valley that is well populated by trees and even a river that winds its way down the center. This small town really showed nothing of importance, which to the long dead founders that was a good thing. The town was originally just a monastery but as merchants needing haven passed by and families grew Duskfield arose. It is a peaceful town, or was, until a mysterious force burned the entire town 20 years ago.

The survivors of the attack crossed the river and continued on for a day before finally stopping. They chose, instead of running further, to rebuild Duskfield just as their ancestors had built the original town in a time of dire need. Now in this valley there is a curious sight; on one side of the river there is a town alive and bustling, slowly growing as merchant trains pass through. On the other side is a blacked hulk, a shell of what once was, slowly dwindling to nothing. Few dare to venture near the ruins of Duskfield but those who do... and come back... bring rumors of ghosts and spirits still walking between the burned out houses.

Whatever mysteries or treasures lie in this little town are yet to be discovered, but one way or another the secrets of Duskfield will be brought to light.

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