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"There is no passion…there is solely obsession.
There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.
There is no purpose. There is solely will.
There is nothing…
Only me."

-- Darth Ruin, roughly 2000 BBY

It's been FIVE CENTURIES since the Fourth Great Schism changed everything - an event marked by the fall of the revered Jedi Master Phanius into the dreaded DARTH RUIN and the 50 knights he lead into the shadows of the galaxy. His NEW SITH EMPIRE grew quickly, unchecked, and absorbed into it's folds the surviving ancient clans of Sith under it's new banner. Even after Ruin's demise, the rebirth of the Sith was complete and unstoppable.

A thousand years of peace and economic growth was slowly being shattered as this New Sith Empire continue to ascend in power. Figures like the DARK UNDERLORD ravaged the trade routes, waging a war against Republic, Jedi, Mandalorian, and native forces simultaneously before being assassinated. As the war became bloodier and bloodier with each passing year, even the once respected JEDI ORDER began to buckle under the accusations of XENOCIDE against the UBESE, turning public opinion against them. Ultimately, these SAVAGE CONFLICTS were but small skirmishes compared to what was come...

And now, hundreds of years later and bolstered by countless new allies, the Sith have given the aging conflict fresh breath. Utterly DESTROYING Republic and Jedi forces at the recent BATTLE OF MIZRA - over five hundred thousand slain and scores of jedi converting to the DARK SIDE - the crushing defeat opened up the OUTER RIM to almost uncontested Sith control. Now equal in size, the conflict between the Republic and the New Sith Empire is worsening. The Sith are only becoming more aggressive as the Republic is crumbling: corporations are failing all over Republic space, resources are running dry, criminal organizations are blossom everywhere, and the Jedi slowly fade away to either the front lines or unchecked positions of power within the Republic. It is A MOST DESPERATE HOUR for a galaxy caught in the middle of a hopeless ARMY OF LIGHT and the conquering BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS.

It's 1,466 BBY.......Welcome to the New Sith Wars and the beginning of the Dark Ages of the Republic.

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