Final Fantasy Horizon

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 27 '12
  • Last Post Jan 2 '15 at 9:10pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

You are part of a war-machine.

Orphans, foundlings, prisoners of war.... prisoners of the state....
All of you were, however briefly, these things before EXELLOS came for you. EXELLOS, a mercenary army perched atop a floating fortress looking down at the industrialized world, a world full of side by side waning magic and growing technology. They watch this world with the eyes of a greedy predator. Youngsters with an early start make the best conscripts, or so they say. Your talents were decided for you and your training was issued. You have been peddled as sellswords to emerging kingdoms, monster hunters to rich clients, and have even worked for one of the three major nations in their standing army.

You had no choice. Insubordination was never an option, nor was ever a path to freedom offered. War is good business in this advanced world.

Except now, you do have a say in the matter.

The EXELLOS army has achieved a major victory and are plotting to expand their holdings. Their leaders are distracted. A mysterious figure has offered you a bid for freedom from their tyranny. You have the skills of a soldier and the training to survive, but if you should take this offer there will be no turning back.

Do you wish to escape for your freedom? To find your home and family? Or perhaps you want revenge upon your captors.

Whatever the reason, it awaits for you, on the horizon....

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