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  • Created Jun 29 '12
  • Last Post Sep 16 '12 at 7:46pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

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Roanapur. Located in Thailand, it is a city of scum and villainy. Assassins, deserters, smugglers, killers, torturers, thieves, masochists... They all come to Roanapur. The police are corrupt, turning a blind eye with the smallest of favors. This city is ruled by criminals and everybody knows it.

Anybody that so much as passes through Roanapur must be the biggest bad-ass this side of town.

Either that or they're stupid.

So here's the deal. You need to know a few things about Roanapur. There are groups to look out for, people to avoid.

The Triads. You really want to avoid these guys 'most anywhere, but they've got a big presence here in Roanapur. They're run by a certain Bai Ji-Shin Chang, or just Mr. Chang. They make weapon deals, they deal drugs and they're generally more honorable than the rest of the scum that Roanapur attracts. That boss guy, Chang, is a devil with his pistols. He's damn near unkillable.

There's also The Rip-Off Church... Also known as The Church of Violence. In case you can't guess, these guys don't just run Sunday Sermons. All the members were holy outfits, all nun habits and priest robes, but they're further from God than most people on this planet. They mainly deal with weapons, but they like to trade drugs too. Their front is a genuine, goddamn church. Their boss is some hunched-over old Grandma called Yolanda. She's got one eye and a golden, engraved pistol that fires explosive rounds. ...Sonuva...

Lastly, we come to Hotel Moscow. These guys are the real deal. They're run by some gal named Balalaika and every-goddamn-one of them is some kind of pro. Ex-spetsnaz, ex-KGB, I don't know... But in a battle with Hotel Moscow, it's rare to see a single one of their bodies litter the streets.

So that's Roanapur... But my real question is simply... Who the hell are you?

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