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The Cold Lands.

Zhengyi the Witch-King is dead, the second war between Vaasa and Damara has come to an end... but the real problems are about to start in the cold bitter North lands.

The death of Zhengyi has left a massive power vacuum in Vaasa which has brought out of the woodwork many who would lay claim to the title of "Ruler of Vaasa." These include some of the followers of the Witch-King, noted of the land, members of noble houses and even outsiders from many other places in the Realms all of which drool at the thought of control. The true main prize? The remains of Castle Perilous, a massive seat of power now empty, rumors of artifacts, treasure, and of course personal property of the Witch-King himself.

Four individuals have been brought to Vaasa's neighbor of Damara by a man who they all owe a great debt to, the famed Elven Sorcerer Galandir "Gally" Mithetheth, in hopes of making sure that Vaasa does not fall into chaos or into the hands of another just like Zhengyi. The Cold Lands will prove to be bitter towards outsiders, but the prevention of war is what Galandir hopes most for the people of Damara and many would abuse such power. The mission is to head to Castle Perilous itself and root out the evil that it still radiates.

What will be waiting for them at Castle Perilous? Who will ascend to the throne? Who can you trust in the Cold Lands?

The game takes place 1360 DR - "Year of Turrets", two years after the Time of Troubles where gods were forced to walk the lands.

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