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You are now a member of the Association of Adventurers, one of the most well known and prestigious guilds for those that make a living through adventuring. It is through luck and determination that you have survived the war that tore apart life as you knew it. The different countries had been restless for quite some time. Hostility between them was normal. But no one could have predicted that war would sweep across Sarerr and consume it. Now the remaining armies fight to stay alive. There is a lull in the fighting and the world itself seems like it's holding it's breath, waiting for something. The daily life on Sarerr is one of struggle. Many of the lands are scorched and trampled by the magic and feet of armies. The only thing still constant in the world is the guildhall of the Association of Adventurers. It's members remain loyal to each other and have kept all parts of the war from destroying it.

For the most part, the guild remains neutral in it's stance as it always has. The only thing that it hopes to achieve now is survival of it's members until some kind of order can be restored. They take on missions from outside sources if they feel that it will benefit them and possibly end the war. The higher ups do not even participate in missions, instead choosing to maintain order within the guild. Sometimes missions are handed out internally for things they feel are important.

You have been recently recruited to the guild, proving that you can be loyal. It has been 8 years since the start of the world war. You are now about to take your first mission as a member of the guild. Will you make a difference?

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